Thoughts from The Woozle


It's almost the new year! I've been working on making some of the pages work better. It took me for-ev-errr to get the index page to act right.

I ended up getting a Cohost account but I'm not sure if I'll keep using it or not. It seems like no matter where I post I get no real interactions with anyone so what is the point exactly? Might as well just post here like I originally planned! Honestly I think I just might be happier without any social media accounts because then I have more time to chat and work on my various projects.

I did end up with Covid over Christmas. So that's like...Worst. Present. Ever. But I'm all better now except for random bouts of snot-nosing.

Past Woozle Thoughts


Been a hot minute since I updated this. The basics are: Nephew is over being sick. He's recently gotten another cold or something but it's not Covid or anything.

I have been tentatively checking into different social media sites. Twitter is a hot mess and I'm never going back there.

Mastodon is not for me. It's too hard to control what I am exposed to. Papi really dislikes it because he says he never knows when someone will post something Very Grown Up where I will see it. It is confusing, too.

-- To clarify this a bit...It makes sense on a theoretical level, it's just in practice that it's a little too hard to deal with. We like the idea of being able to talk to people all over the place and not having to sign up for a new account, but yikes on bikes man...some places want NSFW behind warnings. We think this is only fair. But others are a little too free and easy with letting it be shown. And if ONE person on an instance likes a specific kind of kinky shit, GUESS WHAT? You're all seeing it too when you go to the federated timeline. The only way to NOT see it is to go in an manually block an entire instance. Which isn't ideal at -all- because maybe someone you're cool with is on that instance. But nope.

-- It's either Eggplant City, Coochie Canyon, Tiddy Mountain or nothing. OOOOR blocking about a thousand individual accounts. And -they- aren't actually doing anything -wrong-. It's just...wrong for _us_.


Been doing a lot of work behind the scenes here. Made some cute little pixel-art stuff to represent the weasel trio.

Had a scare with maybe getting Covid. That was negative but now I've been exposed again because my youngest nephew is very badly sick with it and a slew of other things.

He always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to his health. Poor little fella.

In brighter news, I am doing very well mental-health-wise.

I also feel like I need to say: Honee's 'chat' picture is smaller because -she- is smaller. XD Carlos and Francis are grown-ups.


Happy Halloween! Mr. Skeletal is here to DOOT DOOT.


I got the little dogs these special Halloween milkbones and they're shaped like Frankenstein faces, Ghosts, Jack-O-Lanterns and Bats.

Except I think the bats look a little like Mothman. Either way, Heem is not too thrilled about eating something with wings. LOL Apparently he thinks it might fly up at him and flap his face.


"But can you make a journal without an app or something?" I hear no one ask but pretend I do. It's actually not as hard as all that. XD Basically all you need is a place to type! If I wanna stick a picture in? Complete control. Put it where ever I want. So that's basically why I'm officially leaving Twitter as of today. I'll miss people from there, but it's just really really bad for me. Call-outs and having to constantly explain that I am against things that should be taken as a default thing to be against has taken it's toll on me.

I shouldn't have to repeat myself every three to six months about what certain things mean to me. Sometimes the stuff is just so asinine. Like "ARE YOU FOR EATING BABIES?!" and it's like "You could not simply assume the sane answer of "No, I do not condone eating babies."?" But social media by it's very nature tries to pit people against one another. Why? For views. For traffic. For likes. Competing against each other for the next big 'shocker'.

Nope. Not for me thanks. I'll be here if you can't find me anywhere else. XD

"How will I know what the latest entry is?" Easy. It'll be this one. At the top of the page. I'll have all older ones below until I feel the page is too full. Then I'll copy them over into an 'archive' page. :3 You'll all see eventually.

Social Media is...not healthy for me. So I'm making a basic HTML journal to post about stuff that is going on in my life/is interesting!

Could I have just gotten a blog on some free blogging platform? Sure. But it's too social-media-ish. Tumblr? Too worrisome with all the people policing others' posts. Twitter? Toxic as anything (And now owned by a rich guy I really really Do Not Like.). Facebook? No way. I'll fancy this up later on. Maybe do some kind of guestbook/ask me page or even a little forum for people who want to talk to me about stuff. XD