Hello There!

You wanna see what I'm thinkin' about on any given day? Just check out my journal! I write it all by myself. (Well...Dadda helps with the words. I tell him what to put down!)

Honee's Journal

A centralized credits page to give props to people who are awesome.

I'm going to start adding other pages here pretty soon. I just have to get the basics completely sorted out so it looks decent. Then I can start bombarding every unwary visitor with my interests.

If you want to link to this site (and why wouldn't you?) you can use this one of these nifty little graphics I made. :3

What do I like?

And more.

If you were wondering more about me in the meantime, I have a carrd!

By the way, have some Obligatory .gifs!

Play 'em off, Keyboard Turtle!