Hello There!

Hi! I'm Honee. Just a smol creature who writes things on the internets and shares all of the interesting things I find! It's not just me here though!
My Papi and Dadda will also have stuffs to say.

️Yeah. I'm Carlos, Honee's Papi. You can tell who's talking to you with the handy little pictures to the left of our text. We also have different text colors so you can use that as an indicator, too. Honee's is purple, Mine is dark gray and my beloved Francis uses dark blue.

Yeah, by the way I'm Francis. I didn't want to use colors but Carlos insisted. I'm immune to his displeasure but a visitor like you might not be so lucky. He tends to get...stabby.

You love it. >:3

You be good. Don't be smoochin' all over the place. >:|
They gets like this sometimes...fussing and stuffs and then they starts smoochin'.

Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. Smooching all over the website...Your Papi though...he thinks of nothing but smooching.

That's my life. Smooching and muuuuuurder.

NO MURDURS. NO SMOOCHINGS. *pushes them away from the keyboard* HMMPH. Can't gets good parents these days!

You wanna see what I'm thinkin' about on any given day? Just check out my journal! I write it all by myself. (Well...Dadda helps with the words. I tell him what to put down!)

Honee's Journal

A centralized credits page to give props to people who are awesome.

I'm going to start adding other pages here pretty soon. I just have to get the basics completely sorted out so it looks decent. Then I can start bombarding every unwary visitor with my interests.

What do I like?

And more.

If you were wondering more about me in the meantime, I have a carrd!

By the way, have some Obligatory .gifs!

Play 'em off, Keyboard Turtle!