Right. Soooo. Credits.

Most of what I have on this site was made entirely by myself. But there are a few small things that I used others' work for or were made using bases.

Rather than go the traditional route of linking everything back to the base-creators' websites I am doing a daring thing and just crediting everyone on one big page.

Why? Because some of the graphics are used throughout my site and I don't want to fuss with linking them each individual time I use them. If this credits page proves to be a problem, I'll simply remove the graphic I used a base for and redraw it myself entirely. I -do- have that ability. I just enjoy playing with bases sometimes!

Francis, Carlos and Honee's 'Chat Graphics'

Carlos and Francis' base : By Wayuki - Heavily edited by myself!

Honee's base: By KawaiiHannah - Not quite as heavily edited but still turned into a weasel by me. :3

Most of the other .gifs here like Keyboard Turtle came from CD-ROM graphics collections. I would have no idea who to actually credit for them because much of the content was repeated in multiple collections.