Did you know you can collect dragons? And have elebenty millions of them?

Pixel dragons. Not real ones. ... At least I hope not real ones. O_O

Of course not-really-real dragons! PFF! How could you feeds them all if they were really real?

Very carefully I'm sure. So what is this?

Is a list! To show what all dragons I have and what I still need and even maybe link to some of my favoritests.

I originally had an entire list of the 240-ish different kinds of dragons I have but I think this highlight page of my favs is a better idea!

If you are unfamiliar with Dragon Cave, the basic idea is to collect pixel eggs, which will hatch with the 'proper' amount of views/clicks.

The amounts are random and some types of dragons can be more stubborn about coming out of their eggs. It is possible to freeze them as hatchlings so you can keep the tiny cute little babies alongside the bigger dragons.

There are various 'click sites' or, rather, hatcheries, to place your eggs in. It's generally bad form to 'click-beg', IE: going around places asking people to click on eggs/hatchlings. It's one of the things that made people annoyed with the game when it first got popular!

My favorites to use are:

The Hatching Club | |

Just be very careful if you have a brand new egg (6-7 days on it's hatching timer). If you put them in a hatchery too early it can make them sick. If you put even an older egg in too many hatcheries at once you can make them sick, too.

If you do get a sick egg/hatchling you can help it by 'fogging' it. It will hide it away so it can recover. Once the text informing you it's sick is gone, you can unhide it and put it back on a hatchery site.

Keep in mind this is only a small sampling of the actual amount of dragons available. And there are many I don't have yet!

Adopt one today! | Amalthean Dragon - I LOVE these dragons. They're a hybrid species, which means you have to breed two different ones to get this one. (Maybe. Sometimes they don't give an egg, sometimes it's one of the adult's breeds.) Adopt one today! | Aqualis Dragon - Of course I had to name her Sisu. Adopt one today! | Arcana Dragon - These are special Halloween dragons. But I love the absolute chaoticness of them! Adopt one today! | Ceriuth Dragon - The first hybrid I bred all by myself! It's he wonderful? I love his shape and his whiskers!
Adopt one today! | Cloudplume Dragon - This particular one I call Falkor. Because they look somewhat like the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story. Adopt one today! | Leodon Dragon - Such fierce looking dragons! I love the colors and their poses. Adopt one today! | Pink Dragon - Pink dragons have a special ability...they can influence the gender of an egg so it comes out matching their own! Adopt one today! | Shimmerscale Dragon - These guys are kind of hard to get. At least 1st gen ones. The only way to get one of those is to win the monthly prize raffle and get picked for one!
Adopt one today! | Tinsel Dragon - Another 'prize' dragon. This one particularly makes me laugh because of his lineage...it's almost entirely an inbred mess of Flamingo Wyverns! That's why his name is "Flamingos All the Way Down". Adopt one today! | Pumpkin Pygmy - Smaller than other dragons. How can I not love these guys? They live in pumpkins! This one is another Halloween dragon so it can only be obtained during the Halloween celebrations. Adopt one today! | Sapo Dragon - Just LOOK at this fancy little water noodle! Adopt one today! | Silver Dragon - Almost harder to get than the prize dragons! I got very lucky and got Heartlight from a kind and generous person who gave her away. She's definitely a favorite!
Adopt one today! | Sophrosyne Dragon - So. Pretty. I love the colors and their lore. They are healers and are a reminder that kindness prevails. Adopt one today! | Tercorn Dragon - Hands down one of my absolute favorite breeds. They're just so soft and gentle. 10/10, would snuggle with. Adopt one today! | Wisteria Dragon - As much as the actual plant frustrates me with it's hostile takeover of my deck, the dragon is very lovely. Adopt one today! | Pterodactyl Dino - LOOK AT THIS CHONKY FRIEND. How could you not love him? XD