What are 'Petz'? Well, at the very basic level they're virtual creatures from a game series that originally debuted in 1997. You could have Dogz or Catz (collectively 'Petz'), Oddballz or even Babyz. They 'live' in your computer while the game is running and have distinct personalities, likes, dislikes, needs and wants. There are 'vanilla' breedz and edited ones usually referred to as 'hexies'. (The name comes from the days when editing the files was only able to be done in a hex editor!)

I'll expound on the games and stuff more in the future, but in the wanna see what some of mine look like?

Faisan (The patchwork tiger) and Scoots (The ermine)

Remember how I said they have likes, dislikes, wants and needs? Well, Scoots likes this ball. It is -his- ball. He doesn't like the others to play with it.

The others (Like Kizzy here) have different ideas about who gets the play with the ball. They will fight and fuss with each other over things.

Eventually Scoots will take it back from them. It's his ball, after all!